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The objective of this page is to serve as a reference guide to most of the information on Bulgarian wine available on the WWW. It will make no attempt to discover what has already been discovered. It shall rather try to provide an ordered and structured navigational instrument that will hopefully facilitate access to information on Bulgarian wine. This is by no means a commercial site and its sole purpose is to popularize Bulgarian wine. I hope that you will find this page useful. Enjoy.


  A brief overview of Bulgarian wine industry
A short essay with links to other relevant sites
  History of wine-making in Bulgaria
A few notes on history with links to other sources
  Label collection
An image gallery that requires frames enabled browser. Nonframes viewing.
  Wine regions in Bulgaria
Individual links to all five wine regions in Bulgaria
  Bulgarian wines
Links to wine lists of different merchants
Links to wineries and information on wineries on the WWW
Information on international events
  Consumer information
Links to consumer information on Bulgarian wines on the www
News letter and press releases
  Bulgarian Wine Connoisseur Club
A mailing list on news about Bulgarian wine which may develop to become a cyber meeting ground of people who appreciate Bulgarian wine.
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Comprehensive information about Bulgaria may be found at:

Last modified: January 22, 1998
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